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Supporting Fertility with Chinese Medicine

Chinese medicine offers a holistic approach when supporting fertility.


We look at all aspects of the aspiring parents health, the physical and the emotional health as well as diet and lifestyle of both partners.


Trying to conceive can be a stressful time! Chinese medicine is also excellent at supporting the emotional health of aspiring parents.


This is achieved through herbal and acupuncture treatments and by identifying contributing lifestyle factors and implementing tools to manage these.


In many cases, blood tests and semen analysis will also be recommended.


By combining knowledge of the body from a functional medicine perspective with the holistic approach of Chinese medicine, we have a lot to offer aspiring parents on their journey to parenthood, whether they are trying to conceive naturally or seeking support alongside Assisted Reproductive Technology (ART) or IVF.

Our practitioners have years of experience in supporting couples on their journey to become parents.

Contact the clinic today to find out more about how Shen Ting can support you.

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