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Making high quality healthcare available to everyone

We believe good health care should be available to everyone, not a privilege or a luxury. That's why Shen Ting Community Acupuncture is committed to providing acupuncture and Chinese medicine at a cost that is affordable for all members of the community.


We do this by providing low cost treatments to our patients in the Shen Ting multi bed clinic.

What is a multi bed clinic?

A multi bed clinic means there is a large open space with multiple treatment beds. Our clinic has a separate treatment area, and we make use of screens between each bed for privacy. This set up means your practitioner can see more than one patient at a time, bringing overhead costs down which means the treatments can be offered at a significantly lower price.


This style of clinic is common in China, and is growing in popularity in the US, the UK and here in Australia.​

What can I expect from a treatment?


You will begin by completing a form detailing your reason for seeking treatment and looking at various issues relating to your health. You will then be taken downstairs to a private area where your practitioner will spend some time evaluating your health.


Once this has been completed you will be taken to the treatment area where you will be asked to lie on the table. Your practitioner will look at your tongue and take your pulse, and may palpate other areas of your body. These are diagnostic tools used in Chinese medicine to help your practitioner gain a greater understanding of what is going on in your body.


Your practitioner will then apply your acupuncture treatment. This will involve a number of needles being inserted at particular points around your body. The needles will be retained for approximately 20 minutes, during this time you will have the opportunity to rest and deeply relax, with some patients reporting falling asleep during their treatment.


You may also be given suggestions for how to maximise the benefits of your acupuncture treatments. This will include a treatment plan which may details dietary or lifestyle suggestions. 


To get the most out of your treatments at Shen Ting Community Acupuncture, it is recommended you follow your treatment plan as well as any additional suggestions. Your practitioner will be happy to answer any questions you may have about these.

I'm unsure about having a treatment in a room full of people, will they hear all the details of my health issues?

Your initial consultation occurs in a separate area downstairs, this is where the main discussion of your health issues occur. Your acupuncture treatment, and all follow up consultations and treatments will take place in the treatment area.


While there will be other patients present, there are screens between each treatment bed to help ensure privacy. Most patients find they are only dimly aware that there are other treatments occuring in the space. Some patients become so relaxed during their treatment that they are not even aware of other patients coming and going.

Patients comment on what a peaceful and relaxing space the clinic is.
The acupuncture treatments are so relaxing that patients often report being blissfully unaware of anything outside their own treatment table.
Contact Shen Ting Community Acupuncture now and experience it for yourself.
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