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Anna McMullen BHSc. CM

Clinic Director

Chinese Medicine Practitioner

Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) Practitioner and Coach

Fertile Life Method Practitioner

Anna is a gentle and caring practitioner with a passion for Chinese medicine. She combines knowledge of Chinese medicine, an understanding of modern nutrition and western biomedical approaches with an empathy and intuition to provide a level of care that is truly holistic.

Anna is registered Chinese Medicine practitioner and has been practicing since 2010. She was drawn to study Chinese medicine after seeing the emphasis it places on treating patients holistically.

When treating infertility, Anna provides an integrative approach by combining Chinese medicine, with its in depth understanding of women’s health; with the western biomedical approach. Anna has spent nearly a decade supporting couples on their journey to parenthood, and finds it to be extremely rewarding.

Anna has spent five years working with her mentor Kirsten Wolfe, a well regarded Chinese medicine practitioner who is known for her work in the area of fertility and who created the Fertile Life Method. This is a way of supporting couples who are trying to conceive by combining the best of Chinese medicine with integrative care.

Women’s health issues are a major area of interest for Anna. These include menstrual cycle issues,  hormonal imbalances and gynaecological conditions such as endometriosis, polycystic ovarian syndrome (PCOS), menopausal syndrome and dysmenorrhea.

“Women’s bodies are amazing in the way the menstrual cycle and hormonal changes play out through the various stages of life. I find it fascinating the impact lifestyle and emotional health can have on these issues, and I love helping women work through these issues and achieve balance in their lives.”

Patient education is a big part of the Chinese medicine approach. Anna loves to help her patients understand what is going on in their bodies, as this knowledge is empowering and can help patients make huge transformations in their lives and in the way they take care of themselves.

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