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The Shen Ting Story
Shen Ting Community Acupuncture was founded by the late Dr David Benn, Head of Chinese Medicine at the Southern School of Natural Therapies; and Anna McMullen with the goal of making acupuncture accessible to everyone.

The clinic operated between 2010 and 2022, and during that time many thousands of patients received healing and care.
David and Anna created Shen Ting after seeing a need for acupuncture to be more accessible to all within the community. 
The multi bed clinic style is very similar to how acupuncture is practised in China, and it has grown in popularity in the US, the UK and now here in Australia.
When completing her Bachelor Degree, Anna was inspired by the work being done in community and multi bed acupuncture clinics in the US and UK.
The idea of making acupuncture accessible to those who need it most resonated with her, and when the opportunity arose to work with David in setting up a clinic she jumped at the opportunity.

Dr David Benn sadly passed away in 2011. His contribution to the Chinese medicine and acupuncture community will not be forgotten. Anna will always be grateful for the time she spent working with David and creating Shen Ting.
The Studio at Natural Pathways provided the perfect setting for Shen Ting Community Acupuncture, modern, light and airy with warm bamboo flooring and gorgeous views towards the Dandenong Mountains.

Shen Ting Community Acupuncture was in operation for twelve years, from 2010 until 2022. Throughout that time acupuncture treatments were provided to thousands of patients. Patients came from within the local community and throughout the eastern suburbs of Melbourne, and many patients travelling from afar seeking treatment in the clinic.

Shen Ting was a calm and peaceful space, and it was loved by patients and practitioners alike. Shen Ting Community Acupuncture will be missed by all.
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